About Us

ReCafé was founded in 2004 with the aim of creating a new synthesis of the gastronomic culture, which encloses inside the pizzeria, restaurant and café in Naples. Its origins stem directly from PizzaRé who was born in Naples, backed by over a hundred years of tradition and experience in catering, to bring in around Italy hospitality, friendliness, cheerfulness and good food. We like Italian! Great attention is paid to the choice of high quality ingredients used in the kitchen and in the bakery.

ReCafé offers its customers more than 250 seats, overlooking both the Mausoleum of Augustus, the Basilica of San Carlo al Corso.



from the most ancient Neapolitan pizzeria was born PizzaRé

The Cooking

Thanks to the talent and experience of our Chef, ReCafé offers typical Campania dishes, finest meat and homemade Neapolitans desserts. In addition you will always have the opportunity to eat the best pizza of the Neapolitan tradition, choosing from the many varieties that our menu offers… strictly baked in wood-burning oven. There is always a good choice of wines from the finest regional produce.

Our ingredients

In ReCafé you can discover a focus on the quality of ingredients:

  • The Pizza is stretched by hand and baked in the wood oven; the wood used is that of oak aromatic
  • Dough rising 24h hours
  • Our Mozzarella di Bufala D.O.P. braids and handmade arrive fresh every day from Battipaglia (Salerno)
  • Dairy products directly from Paestum
  • Tomatoes are from Pachino (Sicily)
  • Peeled tomatoes from Gragnano
  • The fish is always fresh and only by carefully selected suppliers
  • Chianina beef directly from Prestigious Butcher Annibale (via di Ripetta – Roma)
  • Desserts are all home-made according to the Neapolitan tradition